Gabriel Amedee



Gabriel Amedee believes that you should strive to achieve the best results in everything that you do – both professionally and personally. As the Director of Operations for Strike Realty and a Managing Partner with Gold Homes LLC, Gabriel works closely with home buyers and investors, locating and negotiating the perfect residential or commercial property that meets all of their needs.

While Gabriel focuses on offering the best properties and investments to his clients, his true passion is mentoring and developing new agents. He loves to offer his knowledge and guidance to help new agents become top producers and adds that his philosophy to “strive for the best” overflows to life outside of real estate and adds, “It really is a lifestyle. Striving for the best in everything that you do and making smart decisions in your life whether it is your career, health or personal growth – all relate to your overall role in production.”

Founded in 2018, Strike Realty is based in Miami and is a full service real estate firm that handles all aspects of real estate and provides elite service to buyers, sellers and investors. Gabriel manages day to day operations for the business and explains that they focus on taking an analytical approach to the market to ensure that each client gets the home or the property that they want at a price that makes sense.